Creative Services & File Specifications

Design Services

Have an idea for an amazing product but don't know how to bring it to life? Come visit us and bring in your art, rough idea, photo or digital file, and we will help you create a one of a kind imprint.

Meet Lisa!

Lisa, our veteran designer and reproduction artist, will assist you with your custom artwork requirements – from fine art to thumbnail sketches. She will be on hand to help prepare top quality designs for your sportswear imprints.

You can contact Lisa at:

File Specifications

If you are rendering your own digital designs, please start your files as 300ppi resolution (or higher) at 100% of the size you expect to print. “Re-sampling” a file up to 300ppi from a lower resolution does not make it a high resolution file. If your file is a Photoshop file, please keep layers intact and do not “flatten” the document.If your document is rendered in a vector program (such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw) all text in your documents should be converted to curves or paths (terminology depends on your software).Screen Images assumes no responsibility for determining who does or does not hold a claim to a trademark/logo. This is considered the client’s responsibility.

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