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Promotional Products and Advertising Specialties

We have a number of promotional products that can be imprinted with your logo and contact information. These Advertising specialties can be customized to fit your business branding or marketing need. We have developed a specialty website just for our wide selection of promotional product ideas. If you are looking for some bright ideas, we have hundreds to choose from. Just visit the link below and type in a key word to start your search.


Ask about our selection of Bic and Norwood Specialties.
And check out the Bic Norwood flyers.

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Choose from a wide selection of advertising specialties, promotional items, promotional products and corporate branding products like pens, bags, calculators, zip drives, flashlights and more. We have developed a shopping website just for looking over myriad options from our promotional products store >>For everyday marketing purposes like client gifts, company and staff branding, promotional gifts for winners or top clients. Screen Images is Albuquerque’s promotional product headquarters. We are the advertising specialties specialists. If you are looking for more than bright ideas, if you are looking for something that will really set you apart, then you got to get your brands in their hands. Nothing does it like a promotional item.Also, browse these catalogs for additional ideas from Lanco: