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Spring Healthcare Update

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Spring is here, and so are allergies and an overall awareness of our health. Healthcare and products that support healthy habits like a water bottle or vitamin box can go a long way to keep your brand close at hand. If you are in the healthcare industry or if you cater to folks who may have healthcare conditions like a health insurer, people will appreciate something they can use.


Creating Awareness audience is, a great way to be remembered is to give them something useful that they can carry out into their day to day

A water bottle, a pen, a pill box or a carrying bag, these are useful and well used items that can carry your brand. Give them something to remember you by.

A good water bottle goes with you everywhere. While hand sanitizer, a step counter and chapstick are things everyone needs. When it comes to the health of your brand, don’t miss these easy opportunities to be remembered.

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard by a special event, be ready to Channel Your Brand.


10 Reasons to Add Calendars to Your Marketing Mix

1. Visual appeal for your brand

2. Command of wall or desk space

3. Controlled, targeted distribution

4. Remarkable cost-effectiveness

5. Creative design to fit your brand

6. Year-long high-frequency visibility

7. High perceived value for gift giving

8. Useful for personal record-keeping

9. Business people use an average of 2.5 calendars

10. Versatile styles, colors, formats and designs


Screen Images Mission Statement

Screen Images, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality merchandise at consistently fair pricing.
We have an ongoing goal of excellence in our product line and craftsmanship.

Customer Service is vital to Screen Images, Inc. We strive to be responsive, informative, educational, and cheerful with our customers. All customers are of equal value no matter the size or type of job we are asked to perform.

Screen Images, Inc. will continually test and introduce new processes and technologies to create new products and to produce high quality products more efficiently.

Screen Images, Inc. is based on pride, honesty, integrity and good work ethics. Our aim is an efficient, creative work atmosphere intended to promote employee job satisfaction and a balance between family and business.