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Take the Labor Out of your Company Branding

Company Branding

Labor Day is coming, and we have our minds on growing your great labor of love. Fall is the time for company retreats and budget meetings. It’s a time to make your brand shine as you meet with customers and make plans for next year. When you are face to face with your customer and your brand is on your shirt and on the pad of paper and the pen that you just handed him, you are the brand. Your personal touch combined with your superb customer service resonates with the logo on your shirt.

Having a great product is expected in today’s business practices, but having a great brand is often neglected. Understanding your business in terms of how your customers are recognizing you in the clutter of the market starts with understanding how your logo and image resonate through the sign on your building or the company logo embroidered into your shirt. T-shirts decrying your special events, pens left on the desk of a customer or a personal note from your company letterhead all go a long way to informing your customer who you are and what you do.

Take the extra step this year and incorporate promotional products and brandwear into your marketing strategy. Put it in the budget and get your brand into the hand of your consumers.


Back To School, Believe It Or Not


Believe it or not. It’s almost Back To School time. And for teachers and administrators it’s time to start planning for a busy school year.

Get a head start on Back To School Basics like branded pens and pencils. What better way to get your brand into their hands?


Everybody has a beverage with them these days. Let’s face it, with the summer heat, a water bottle is a necessity.  And what better way to promote your club, business or organization with a nice water bottle or coffee mug. We can customize your choice of products to quench that marketing thirst.


T-shirts, Polos, Jackets, Hats, Vinyl Numbering? What do you need your logo on? At Screen Images we offer full service embroidery and screen printing. Let us know what you need for your organization.

Here are some Idea Starters

ScreenImaging_Drinkware013 ScreenImaging_Drinkware01 ScreenImaging_Drinkware012


Ready For Summer

Sports-summer-emailSummer Sports

Beat the rush on Summer athletic printing and vinyl lettering needs. Get a refresh on those uniforms and don’t forget to celebrate your championships when you win.

Summer Camps

From staff teams to kid’s commemorative shirts, we have your summer camp needs covered. Don’t forget your organization’s pens and special gear that can all be customized with your logo and info.


Summer Event Apparel

Summer Events can spur sales like nothing else. Make sure your brand is properly represented with custom embroidered logos or a fun T-shirt just for the event. Be Prepared for Summer!

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard by a special event, be ready to Channel Your Brand.

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Spring Healthcare Update

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Spring is here, and so are allergies and an overall awareness of our health. Healthcare and products that support healthy habits like a water bottle or vitamin box can go a long way to keep your brand close at hand. If you are in the healthcare industry or if you cater to folks who may have healthcare conditions like a health insurer, people will appreciate something they can use.


Creating Awareness audience is, a great way to be remembered is to give them something useful that they can carry out into their day to day

A water bottle, a pen, a pill box or a carrying bag, these are useful and well used items that can carry your brand. Give them something to remember you by.

A good water bottle goes with you everywhere. While hand sanitizer, a step counter and chapstick are things everyone needs. When it comes to the health of your brand, don’t miss these easy opportunities to be remembered.

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard by a special event, be ready to Channel Your Brand.


Educate Your Brand Promotions 101

Put something in their hands to remember you by.

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Edu-facts-promoDon’t Get Caught Off Guard by a special event, be ready to Channel Your Brand.

Creating Awareness

No matter who your target audience is, a great way to be remembered is to give them something useful that they can carry out into their day to day.

A water bottle, a pen, a pill box or a carrying bag, these are useful and well used items that can carry your brand. Give them something to remember you by.

Students use pencils and pens everyday, and they tend to hold on to things that are useful like a water bottle or a planner. Any school supply can be a consistent brand reminder that is literally in their hands.



Are You Feeling Secure in Your Branding?

February is here and love for your company brand is in the air. When you are thinking about how to nourish your brand and company relationships, think about Screen Images. From embroidery of your logo for uniforms and gifts, to unique tech or health items, we offer everything you need to get your brand image out into the community. Keep employee pride high with branded gear and a rewards program. Add that special touch to a presentation with a great branded gift for the attendees.

We are wishing you all the success you can muster this year. Let us know how we can help.

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Are You Feeling Secure in Your Branding? 

Associate your brand with security and style when you utilize products that people use everyday to carry your name out into the world. Give clients an extra sense of protection with a branded credit card protection slip.

Credit Card Protection

Protect the company P-card — The new Credit Card chips can be vulnerable to passive reading. Protect your credit cards with a branded card sleeve.

Do your employees or clients travel in the car a lot? How about a branded phone charger? Or for more safety, put a branded flashlight in every car in your fleet. They make great gifts for clients too.

​Branded Flashlights

And for more road safety, never be left with a dead cell phone. In our busy travel day, a dead phone can mean the loss of a sale or a missed opportunity to connect. This little branded gem comes with a car adaptor and a back up phone battery.

​Charging Essentials

Smart Phone Travel Tip

Sometimes your apps are draining your battery unnecessarily. Before you hit the road, make sure your phone has a full charge. And go through and shut down apps that you won’t be using. Facebook alone, running in the back ground, can zap 30% of your charge and you may not even realize it.


Coloring Books, really?

Custome-Coloring-BooksThe Hottest new item for 2016, is your very own branded coloring book. This isn’t your niece’s coloring book (though she might enjoy coloring with you.) Add your logo and message to a custom coloring book.

Put down the phone; turn off the computer. It’s time to relax and unwind from the frenetic pace of everyday life with a stress relieving coloring book for adults – Patterns. Intricate patterns of beautiful art. Relax, unwind and enjoy. 24 fabulously detailed pieces of art, printed on one side of a perforated white page — perfect for framing. Full size (8″ x 10.5″) book with heavy duty cover. It’s a great escape! Calming and relaxing; let’s get ready to color the stress of the day away.

Perfect for hospitals, senior centers, Real Estate, Insurance and more!


Winter is a great time for a company retreat

Company Retreats

Winter is here and it’s time to plan the company retreat during the slow time. There are lots of great products that can help drive company values and pride. One of the keys to keeping your staff motivated and performing optimally is to give them a true sense of ownership in the company they work for and the work that they do. “Regardless of which industry you’re in, building a strong brand requires that all employees feel connected to the corporate brand and understand their role in turning brand aspirations into reality. If you’re not inspiring your talent to be brand ambassadors, you’re missing out.” Forbes
Company retreats can help build camaraderie and pride in the work that they are doing. As part of the activities include company branded items like notepads, pens and highlighters that they can keep. Give away prizes like a company logo embroidered jacket or polo. The more chances you have to align your team’s identity with that of the work they are doing, the better the outcome for that team being your brand ambassador where ever they are. This can be particularly important with your sales team.

  • Logoed Notepads and Pens
  • Company embridered logowear or travel gear
  • Unique items like branded USB drives or credit card sleeves

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Are Your Credit Cards Vulnerable?

credit-cardsThey might be. There is nothing new about your credit card being the target of criminals around the world. But, were you aware that criminals are now using technology to scan your purse or wallet and to grab your credit card data. “These thieves can walk by you at a shopping mall and steal your credit card information right out of your purse or wallet from up to 25 feet away, and you won’t even know it,” said Chris Gilpin, with the National Crime Stop Program.

Luckily there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your valuable information. There are special sleeves available to keep your cards safe. They are great gifts for clients with your logo/info printed on them, or perfect for employees who care your purchase card.

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protection_silver_blankProtect your identity and credit from unwanted card readers with this aluminum mesh screen sleeve. Many new credit cards have Radio Frequency ID chips in them which can be accessed by a card reader, which is normally in a retail store. Pass your card in front of the reader instead of scanning making purchases more convenient, but a scanner in the wrong hands can read your card from as far away as 70 feet. Our RFID protector sleeve stops scanners and protects you.