Take the Labor Out of your Company Branding

Company Branding

Labor Day is coming, and we have our minds on growing your great labor of love. Fall is the time for company retreats and budget meetings. It’s a time to make your brand shine as you meet with customers and make plans for next year. When you are face to face with your customer and your brand is on your shirt and on the pad of paper and the pen that you just handed him, you are the brand. Your personal touch combined with your superb customer service resonates with the logo on your shirt.

Having a great product is expected in today’s business practices, but having a great brand is often neglected. Understanding your business in terms of how your customers are recognizing you in the clutter of the market starts with understanding how your logo and image resonate through the sign on your building or the company logo¬†embroidered¬†into your shirt. T-shirts decrying your special events, pens left on the desk of a customer or a personal note from your company letterhead all go a long way to informing your customer who you are and what you do.

Take the extra step this year and incorporate promotional products and brandwear into your marketing strategy. Put it in the budget and get your brand into the hand of your consumers.

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