Are You Feeling Secure in Your Branding?

February is here and love for your company brand is in the air. When you are thinking about how to nourish your brand and company relationships, think about Screen Images. From embroidery of your logo for uniforms and gifts, to unique tech or health items, we offer everything you need to get your brand image out into the community. Keep employee pride high with branded gear and a rewards program. Add that special touch to a presentation with a great branded gift for the attendees.

We are wishing you all the success you can muster this year. Let us know how we can help.

Sandy & Maria

Are You Feeling Secure in Your Branding? 

Associate your brand with security and style when you utilize products that people use everyday to carry your name out into the world. Give clients an extra sense of protection with a branded credit card protection slip.

Credit Card Protection

Protect the company P-card — The new Credit Card chips can be vulnerable to passive reading. Protect your credit cards with a branded card sleeve.

Do your employees or clients travel in the car a lot? How about a branded phone charger? Or for more safety, put a branded flashlight in every car in your fleet. They make great gifts for clients too.

​Branded Flashlights

And for more road safety, never be left with a dead cell phone. In our busy travel day, a dead phone can mean the loss of a sale or a missed opportunity to connect. This little branded gem comes with a car adaptor and a back up phone battery.

​Charging Essentials

Smart Phone Travel Tip

Sometimes your apps are draining your battery unnecessarily. Before you hit the road, make sure your phone has a full charge. And go through and shut down apps that you won’t be using. Facebook alone, running in the back ground, can zap 30% of your charge and you may not even realize it.

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