Are Your Credit Cards Vulnerable?

credit-cardsThey might be. There is nothing new about your credit card being the target of criminals around the world. But, were you aware that criminals are now using technology to scan your purse or wallet and to grab your credit card data. “These thieves can walk by you at a shopping mall and steal your credit card information right out of your purse or wallet from up to 25 feet away, and you won’t even know it,” said Chris Gilpin, with the National Crime Stop Program.

Luckily there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your valuable information. There are special sleeves available to keep your cards safe. They are great gifts for clients with your logo/info printed on them, or perfect for employees who care your purchase card.

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protection_silver_blankProtect your identity and credit from unwanted card readers with this aluminum mesh screen sleeve. Many new credit cards have Radio Frequency ID chips in them which can be accessed by a card reader, which is normally in a retail store. Pass your card in front of the reader instead of scanning making purchases more convenient, but a scanner in the wrong hands can read your card from as far away as 70 feet. Our RFID protector sleeve stops scanners and protects you.



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